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Half A Dozen Tasks For More Followers

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Maybe I’m superstitious. I have a fixation for even numbers. Don’t ask me why but I actually dropped out of math class before I finished high school. But never failed. Okay, so a D Plus is poor by your standards but for me that was something. Anyhow, maybe my preference for even numbers has something to …

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5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing can help you enjoy your life as a small business owner, get more Instagram followers, increase profits, and otherwise gain loyal fans that help you become the next best thing in the industry. You can reach people that would’ve never known about your brand without social media. It is safe to say that …

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The Many Ways Social Media Grows your Brand

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Social media is the perfect tool for small business owners to use when they’re ready to kick start their brand and find success. There’s dozens of social media sites to help create the name that you want, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. With these sites, you have the potential to reach millions of people at …

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14 Ways to Get More IG Followers

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If you want to get instant followers on Instagram (and you should), there are a few simple techniques that need to be a part of your online presence. When these techniques are used, it gets the word out about your account so more people know that you are out there. How can you get the instant …

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How to Get Noticed Online

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It is important that you are online if you want to get noticed. We live in a digital world and most people turn to the internet when they’re in search of a product, a service, or want information or to make a purchase. But, the internet is a big place to be. We’ll narrow down the …

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