Belgrade, just like other European cities, has an old and new face, memories of the past and the joyful energy of the youth. What makes the city, and especially its people, stand out is their lust for life, soulfulness, charm and openness. The beauty of our city is in the smile of its inhabitants, their spontaneity and warmth, a friendly and sincere outstretched hand that says - "Welcome and we hope you visit us again!"

Belgrade is a special city - an endless story that never reaches an epilogue because of its long, rich, and above all, turbulent past that has left its mark, creating a unique environment on the European continent. Aside from Athens and a few others, Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe, the ancient Vinca culture is one of the oldest on the continent.

The main street, a pedestrian zone, leads you to the Republic Square, where one of the most famous monuments in the city is located - a monument to Prince Mihailo. This square is framed by two main cultural institutions - the National Museum and the National Theatre.

Belgrade prides itself on a very specific atmosphere and its good vibrations. With a rich night life, Belgrade has turned into the capital of fun.

Known for its numerous riverboats and clubs that guarantee a great time, Belgrade offers visitors unforgettable moments.

The time you spend on its streets will lead you to realize that you are tied to Belgrade in a special way. No one knows exactly when this extraordinary chemistry starts, but we know that Belgrade remains with you, even when you are packing and getting ready to go, you will never go away forever. There are always people, towns and cities which say GOODBYE, but what they are really saying is „ See you soon!“.

Just a few hundred meters from the main square, the vibrant and turbulent mood disappears. If you want to see Belgrade at its most relaxed, it is best to go to Skadarlija, the bohemian quarter of the city. Full of street cafes and restaurants, a popular place in which you can enjoy the authentic vibe of Belgrade and its guests. Time here seems to have stopped, as you are surrounded by the relaxed atmosphere and the spirit of the old city that lives another life. If you miss Skadarlija and its atmosphere, you will hardly be able to feel the true soul of the city and its inhabitants. It is the street of the past and brings up feelings of nostalgia for times gone by.


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