Serbian School Sport Federation

Serbian school sport Federation is the umbrella sports organization for organizing and implementing school competitions in Serbia. It was established in the academic 1969/70.

To date, organized and held the 1663 Republican championships in 84 municipalities.

At the world championships organized by ISF, so far we have won silver and bronze medals in basketball and handball. 

Competition system in Serbia provides five stages: primary, municipal , district , regional and republican.

Competition are manage and organizes by Serbian school sport federation, as a full member of the Sports Federation of Serbia. Managing competition takes place over Federation organizations by municipalities.

The number of participants in these competitions at all levels now reaching a figure of over 350,000 participants in a school year.

A significant fact is stressed that the competition did not turn into a competition of schools in large cities, as medal winners were numerous times and school teams from small towns and villages. Medals were won by the school so far from 112 municipalities , which indicates that the games are accepted by the students and their teachers , and they have become part of the leisure activities of young people, through which they can achieve a certain educational influence of the school and the community .

Competitions take place under the auspices of the Serbian Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Education , Science and Technological Development, which has greatly contributed to this whole system comes to the importance of the implementation , including school youth in Serbia.

The Program of Federation:

  1. School sports competitions
  2. Olympic sports games students of Serbia
  3. Small olympic games
  4. The Project “Sport in school"
  5. The Project „Student sports reporter“
  6. The Project „Your like for our dance“
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